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XS Nightclub Las Vegas
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Ask anyone who really knows their way around the our nightlife scene and they will say that XS nightclub Las Vegas bottle service is probably the very best clubbing experience the city has to offer. If you have a chance, just go. Stop reading, don’t let us spoil the experience for you, just go, and see what all the fuss is about.


If you’re still reading, then clearly you need a little bit of convincing. Here’s the convenient, bullet-pointed list of features that make booking XS bottle service so special:

  • Top DJ’s and performers, including Zedd, Diplo and Skrillex
  • Pools lit by heat lamp create a warm and classy experience
  • Cabanas and daybeds surround the pool area
  • Expert, attentive bartenders
  • Intense light shows
  • Blackjack tables so you can game right in the club
  • Lots and lots of good looking people (women J)


The problem is that this list applies to a lot of venues in our city, doesn’t it? It’s hard to explain what really sets the XS Las Vegas apart from other clubs, but if we can try to sum it up, it’s the whole experience, and the experience starts before you even arrive.


The experience starts when you first decide that you’d like to book out XS nightclub Las Vegas bottle service. The easiest way to find the XS when you’re at the Encore Hotel Las Vegas: is to look for red furnishings. It may seem like a small thing but its not. All the red furnishings will trigger something in your brain; they let you know that you’re in for a wild night at XS Vegas. As the red furnishings become more abundant on your way to the venue, you will get a sense of anticipation and excitement when you realize you’re on the way to the night of your life, as you hear the music swelling through the walls.


The XS Las Vegas was owned in part by a well known movie producer named Victor Drai, and he knows a little something about entertaining people: you don’t just put all the good stuff right up front in their face, you have a first act where you get your audience all settled in into the world you’ve created for them, and you start to build intensity, and then things really start to pop off. And like a good movie, you must have a first act, a great story and a great climax? From the moment you start seeking XS nightclub Las Vegas bottle service out to your arrival on the dance floor to watch killer performances and light shows that close out the evening. XS Vegas hardly feels real, it’s like your living in a movie, and you just have to experience it to know what we’re talking about. Once you have finally experienced its you will never be the same again.


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XS Las Vegas is currently open to the public weekly on Monday & Friday-Sunday from 10:30pm-4am. On Friday-Sunday nights they book major talent like Zedd David Guetta & Diplo so the venue stays packed on a regular basis. XS Vegas is now known as the #1 destination for Top 40/Hip Hop in Las Vegas. XS nightclub Las Vegas bottle service is a great option and our staff always ensures you have the best locations and pricing possible.


Or call NOW 702-907-0023

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Came in town for the Life is Beautiful festival on Friday and Saturday night with from Heineken executives. We had Sunday night completely free so we contacted our favorite host Rene to get into XS Las Vegas for the night swim party. We had a big budget for 30 people but that wasn’t the problem, as we wanted to have dance floor tables near each and wouldn’t be able to arrive until late for XS nightclub bottle service. Within an hour we got a call back from Rene confirming he would personally take the table for us until we arrived so no one else could get it

Mike Baeta

I planned Bachelor party my friends around XS Las Vegas, as we were all major fans of Zedd. We reached out to several companies but the response times were horrible so we got with Las Vegas Bachelor Party. Great customer service and they answers to all my questions. The spend was below our budget and we had great table placement at XS nightclub Las Vegas. Expect us to call from us next summer!

Gene Samuel

XS Las Vegas is amazing and I now know why they are #1 nightclub in the nation. We planned ahead several months with Troy from Las Vegas Bachelor Party because I worried about getting into XS Vegas given its so popular. The club is everything I thought it would be from the watching David Guetta performance, the sound system, GIRLS and service. It was hard to decide if I wanted to do XS nightclub Las Vegas bottle service inside the club or at a cabana outside so I can jump into the pool. We decided on the pool and all I remember after 2am was on a shark float n the water and a shot glass in hand!!

Rob Amato