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Let’s be totally honest: Most bachelor parties aren’t as exciting as you expect them to be. That’s mostly because a lot of guys contact low level hosts or promoters for their Las Vegas bachelor party packages. They are normally only focused on a specific venue and a repetitive schedule for you based on where they work. When you and the gang contact us for a Las Vegas for bachelor party fun to live it up, you encounter a number of challenges:

  • You might not know which bars and clubs are really the best in town.
  • You’re probably going to wind up overspending if you’re booking everything directly.
  • All that research is a pain in the neck when you’d rather be partying.
  • You only get one chance to do this right.

This is where we come in. We’re here to hook you and your boys up with exclusive bachelor party Las Vegas packages to ensure that you get a sweet deal on the high life. And we’re talking custom packages, here. We’re not just going to send you to whichever second rate buffets and nightclubs we can book cheap, we’ll help to design the perfect night out, the fabled one-last-blowout you see in movies.

When designing Las Vegas bachelor party packages, we’ll work with you to make sure that it’s everything you ever wanted it to be, and then some.


Las Vegas Bachelor Party Packages

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Bachelor Party Packages Las Vegas Ideas


The best way to start is just pitching ideas. Here are a few Las Vegas bachelor party ideas to get you going:

  • Sleep in late, then hit the shooting range early in the afternoon. This is a better way to kickstart the day and get the adrenaline going than a pot of coffee. Nothing jumpstarts a party like firing off a few hundred rounds of semi-automatic ammunition.
  • After-hours doesn’t mean it’s time to go home, it means it’s time to leave the nightclub and hit the strip club.
  • You’re going to be spending all night partying, so have a relaxed dinner where you and the guys can discuss the plans for the night. You’re not going to be able to hear each other over the music once you get to the club.
  • Transportation is provided, but you might want to take some time to walk the strip. Close-up magicians and street performers are a big part of this city’s appeal.
  • Pool parties are a great addition to any Las Vegas bachelor party package as its way to chill out or rage between clubs, bars and shows. Basking in the warmth of the Nevada sun is great in the Summer.


Any ideas you might have for your bachelor party las vegas packages, throw’em our way and we’ll see if we can accommodate your party. We specialize in the nightlife, but we’re always open to suggestions if you’re after something more than bar-hopping and strip club tours.


What we’re saying is: It’s your show, we’re just here to facilitate. That’s what custom Las Vegas bachelor party packages are all about. Whatever you think would make the perfect night out with the guys, let us know, we’ll hook you up.


Hotel Deals

The Hotel location is central to the success of any Las Vegas bachelor party hotel packages. If your group’s interests are focused around nightlife, strip clubs or pool parties its best you pick a location near your places of interest. Its also suggested that you allow our customer service reps to plan your trip as we can ensure you are placed at the proper location or search for the best Discount Hotel rates.



For a proper bachelor party packages Las Vegas experience the most popular options for entertainment is Las Vegas Nightclubs bottle service at clubs such as XS , Chateau, Marquee, Hyde and Light nightclub. Our clubs have become EPIC to say the least and on any given week you can be sitting next to world famous DJ, movie stars and athletes. With our Customize Your Trip option we can always plan to have you at right place and the right time.


Best Gentlemen Clubs around

To properly plan a Las Vegas bachelor party packages style there is an unwritten requirement to attend one or more of the top Vegas strip clubs like Sapphire’s, Treasures, Olympic Gardens & Spearmint Rhino. These multilevel venues are built to cater to your every need w/ 100’s of beautiful women, private rooms, seating, drink specials, open bars, food & if you forgot 100’s of beautiful WOMEN. It’s the only place you and your group can be in complete control.



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