Bottle Service Las Vegas

Bottle Service Las Vegas
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Here at Las Vegas Bachelor Party we specialize in creating custom package requests at all the popular daytime and nightlife venues in the city. The purchase of bottle service Las Vegas packages has always been an exclusive upscale practice making that and our city go hand and hand. Las Vegas bottle service has become the main feature of many upscale nightclubs, strip clubs and pool parties. As one of the leading companies in the city we have the rare ability to offer the lowest pricing for Omnia Las Vegas bottle service and even Marquee Las Vegas Bottle Service.


Location is everything for when booking XS Las Vegas Bottle Service so why not work with the specialists. The same can’t be said when doing Las Vegas bottle service at strip clubs like Sapphires, Treasures, Olympic Gardens & Spearmint Rhino as there is no such thing as a bad location. Strip clubs are packed from wall to wall with women so you’re always going to be the center of attention no matter where you’re seated.  The required amount of bottles to purchase is based on the number of people in your group. Hands down there is no better way to enjoy a party during your stay on the strip. Booking bottle service in Las Vegas out weighs the few other options you have for entry to our day life and nightlife.


Bottle Service Las Vegas Packages

las vegas bachelor party packages vegas bachelor party packages


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Bottle Service in Las Vegas Recommendations


Bachelorette Party

Las Vegas bottle service is a great option for the “bride-to-be” as she will shine like a movie star & party like a rock star. Why not go all out and pop bottles at the hottest nightlife venues or male revues in town. Ladies run the world when it comes to our nightlife, as every club in the city books their talent based on what will bring them in. A bachelorette party unlike most trips with the girls is all about one person and Bottle service Las Vegas packages are the best option for her own private area.


Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

When planning a Vegas bachelor party, bottle service Las Vegas packages are generally your ONLY option for access to nightclubs and pool. It’s also the best possible way to celebrate your last night as a single man as most nightclubs DO NOT allow groups of guys on their guest list. Pool parties also offer bottle service in Las Vegas, but as a required food and beverage spend; giving you the option to buy food and bottles how you see fit. As an example the required spend for most cabanas starts at $2,000 and you can purchase your choice of bottles, pitchers of beer and food as long as you spend the full-required amount.


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Bottle Service Las Vegas Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is Las Vegas Bottle Service?

Bottle Service in Las Vegas has always been widely known as a luxury with great customer service and A+ hospitality. You are basically purchasing real estate in the venue for the night to operate as you please. When purchasing bottle service there is no such thing as, “waiting in line”, as they are parted as if they were the red sea.


Why get a Bottle Service Las Vegas package VS getting on guest list?

  • With Las Vegas bottle service you are given a personal host, server and security guard.
  • You have the ability to control your surroundings allowing you to mix and mingle with dozens of people from all over the world.
  • There is no need to push past hundreds of people at the bar as your personal server will make all of your drinks.
  • When in large groups having a home base is a necessity. With bottle service Las Vegas options you will have a table where everyone can meet up, and your friends to explore the venue.


How much does Las Vegas bottle service cost?

In all of the popular nightclubs Las Vegas bottles service can start anywhere from $425-$700 and specific sections like dance floor can go for $2,000 or more. With our connections in the industry we are able to work out the best pricing and locations between all venues. It’s always good to note the purchase of bottle service in Las Vegas is a packaged deal including: Entry, Table, Host, Waitress, Security and location.


How can bottle Service be more cost effective?

Coupled with the cover for entry to venues and the cost per drink at the bar ($12-$15) it often makes more sense to purchase Las Vegas bottle service deals. As a group the cost will be lowered easily and you will get more bang for your buck. The bottle requirement varies based on talent and demand, but we at Bottle Service Vegas know the venue needs to seat all tables no matter what and we work out the best deal possible.


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